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є 1(37), 2014

ISSN: 2310-3000

The recent issue

The griffons: guarding the gold


The ice lens of the burial chamber of the Pazyryk kurgan is a time machine that has brought ancient nomads back from non-being

In the last 50 years, humankind has consumed twice as much energy as it did in its previous history

The antitumor drug RL2, a genetically engineered analog of human milk protein lactaptin designed by a Novosibirsk research team, is now at the stage of preclinical trials

Photo of the Day


Foxes of the Kronotsky Reserve are distinguished for their bright color and big size. They are common everywhere but are especially numerous in the offshore zone, their favorite area for burrowing. The red foxes have got used to human presence and can approach field stationsand cordons.
Photo by I. Shpilenok


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